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Lack of knowledge and limited or no access to healthcare is one of the major issues in this sector and must be worked upon. We are committed to providing quality healthcare to the economically backward class through our CSR initiatives including Health Check-up camps, Health Awareness Sessions, and Medical Support.

Health Check-up Camps

TSGW India (WD), the CSR Council in association with TMRCT Thunga Hospital, conducted a free Health Check-up and Dermatology Camp at identified villages near the Tarapur operation. 16 pada and 4 villages were covered and over 1,090 patients benefited from these free medical camps.

Health Awareness Sessions

The CSR Council in association with the Public Health Service Department (Tarapur Ward) conducted health awareness sessions on various health-related topics such as Women Hygiene and Sanitation, Swine Flu, Malaria, Dengue, Diarrhoea, Hygiene and Sanitation and General Safety at the village level. A total of 20 villages/pada were covered and over 3000 people attended the sessions.

Medical Support & Follow-Up Treatment

Some of the identified patients were given further treatment after the medical camps conducted by Tata Steel Ltd (WD) in association with TMRCT-Thunga. The identified patients majorly belonged to backward Adivasi families with little or no access to basic healthcare facilities. The result:

  • Many hernia operations were successfully done with the support of Civil Hospital Valsad, Gujarat.
  • Many cataract operations were done successfully in association with PHC and Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai.
  • CSR Council in association with the Jaipur foot Mumbai branch provided an artificial limb (foot) to a handicapped student from Gargaon. This student had no means of regular income and was a son without a father.
  • Our CSR team, in association with another social trust, provided a walker to one out of the 7 orphan girls from Abhram in Dahanu Taluka, who earlier used to walk on her hands due to disability.
  • The CSR Council provided a First Aid Box at over fourteen Z. P. Schools & Anganwadi of the village and our Factory Medical Officer also held sessions at these schools.
  • Our CSR team, in association with Tis Wish Organisation Trust, collected old and used frames from Kurgaon Housing Colony, which were then refurbished and distributed amongst underprivileged patients from the village.

Blood Donation Camp at Tarapur

On the birth anniversary of Jamsetji Tata, the CSR Council in association with LTMG Hospital - Sion, Blood Bank, Mumbai, conducted a 'Blood Donation Drive’ at the Tarapur Plant. 20 TSGW volunteers collected 160 pints of blood through the drive at all our plants and gifts were distributed to the blood donors as tokens of appreciation.

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