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To support sustainable livelihood for the underprivileged communities and development of community around the area of operation, we initiated projects such as Tarang Warli Art, Poultry Farm, Marigold Cultivation, Rice Cultivation, Paper Bag Project, amongst others. These projects were aimed at making these underprivileged communities self-sustaining and independent.

Tarang Warli Art

Warli painting, a very popular form of painting, has a lot of skilled artists among the Adivasi tribe. Even though they are good at it, they are unable to generate good income from it. The middlemen earn their share of money but the real artists don't get what they deserve. Our CSR team started this initiative to promote Warli painting and propagate the culture to create a stable source of income for the community.

We provided an ‘Earn and Learn System’ to the talented artists, to allow them to grow as a multifaceted personality. This initiative reinforces our commitment to foster an egalitarian society and promote the art of Warli painting. It also allows us to bridge the gap between the rural and the urban.

Our team conducted a professional level training programme for Warli Painting in association with CTES’S Taraporwala Institute of Culture, Tarapur at different Government Ashram Schools for a week. We also set up ‘Tarang Warli Art Workshop’ to make the Warli painting and handicraft an important and sustainable livelihood opportunity.

Poultry Farm

Under the initiative, 'livelihood for the underprivileged', we initiated some projects in the identified areas around. To take forward Poultry farming, one of those initiatives, we worked with Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission(MSLRM). Our team was guided by the people at MSLRM to achieve the goal by providing training on forming teams, maintaining records, how to provide the vaccination, how to feed etc. Accordingly, we made female self-help groups and these groups and worked closely with them to provide guidance wherever necessary. Two such teams started working on this initiative and started making a sustainable regular income.

Marigold Cultivation

As part of our Skill Development CSR, two female Self-Help Groups (SHGs) in the identified areas, in association with Maharashtra State Rural Livelihood Mission (MSRLM) Department-Palghar, were trained to cultivate Marigold at Gargaon which helped some of the SHGs generate income for themselves.

Rice Cultivation

Tata Steel CSR and MSRLM organised training on rice cultivation with the System of Rice Intensification(SRI) technique. We implemented a pilot project on enhancing livelihoods through SRI, which led to higher production at low cost.

Paper Bag Project

Tis Wish, in association with our CSR team, conducted an employment and career-oriented workshop on ‘Paper Bag training‘, ‘Beauty Parlour training’ and ‘Driving Training’, which was attended by almost 40 villagers (male and female). After completing these sessions, some of the groups started implementing the newly acquired skill as a means of making a livelihood.

Visits for Female SHG Groups

Our CSR team arranged for an exposure visit for female SHG groups from Gargaon and Khaniwade along with MSRLM at the jute bag making project of female SHG groups at Lalthane, and the Broiler Poultry Farm at Dabhon in Palghar District.

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