Agriculture forms the backbone of our economy and is often even entrusted to drive it. Despite unprecedented economic slowdown, agriculture and allied activities are said to have clocked a growth of 3.4% in FY 2020-21.

While our farmer brothers soldier on in their pursuit to feed a flourishing tomorrow, we are proud and delighted to be the steel in the resolve.

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India’s grapes grow on Tata Wiron farming wires

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Over 2.4 cr farmers trust us to nurture their dreams by helping them with

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    Farming Wire

    With 80 percent of India’s grapes being grown on Tata Wiron Farming Wires, Tata Wiron takes pride in serving more than 1,00,000 farmers every year. This highly-durable, corrosion-proof and premium quality farming wire of uniform thickness with a uniform zinc coating strengthens the Agricultural sector of India by supporting healthy growth of creeper crops. It also comes with a printed logo at fixed intervals for easy identification.

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    Aayush Farming Wire

    A farming wire with high strength and a specially formulated & patented barrier coating, Tata Wiron’s Aayush Farming Wire gives a delightful hassle-free functioning experience. The specially formulated coating prevents reaction from atmospheric forces and abrasion, and also avoids depletion of the zinc layer. Coupled with this, the wire comes with approximately 20% higher strength.


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    GI Barbed Wire

    GI wire (Galvanized Iron Wire) is a zinc coated steel wire used for applications that demand longevity. We manufacture our GI wire in our state-of-the-art facility using ‘Hot Dip’ technology to ensure durability and long-lasting resistance to corrosion.


  • Uniform zinc coating applied using ‘Hot Dip’ galvanising technology.
  • Uniform wire thickness with longer barbs at a uniform distance.
  • Quality control at every step from iron ore and steel making to final manufacturing.
  • Withstands corrosion/rusting even in harsh conditions.
  • Extremely strong and flexible.
  • Handle with every bundle for easy handling.
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    Aayush Barbed Wire

    In Sanskrit, ‘Aayush’ means long life and ‘Wiron Aayush’ is today synonymous with long life and complete trust. At TS-GWI, we keep our customers’ needs central to all that we do. Our consumers were seeking a product with a longer shelf life that could withstand the vagaries of weather, resist corrosion from pesticides and chemicals effectively, and also help them in tackling the bane of wire duplicity.


  • Lasts 2X times longer than barbed wire made of regular GI wire.
  • Blue tinge for quick and easy identification.
  • Brand name printed every one metre for easy identification.
  • Best of innovation and technology.
  • Withstands corrosion/rusting ensuring longevity.
  • Uniform wire thickness with longer barbs at a uniform distance.
  • Quality control at every step from iron ore and steel making to final manufacturing.
  • Extremely strong and flexible.
  • Handle with every bundle for easy handling.

GI Chainlink Fence

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    Knotted Fence

    Designed to offer maximum protection, Tata Wiron’s Knotted Fence is reinforced with special strength to ward off bad weather and animal attacks. Easier to install, this high tensile GI fence has fixed, impact resistant and flexible knots that require fewer poles. The fence does not sag over time, weighs less, requires less maintenance and is cost-saving. Knotted fence is the preferred choice for farming and industrial applications.

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  • Strength: 2.5 mm high tensile galvanized wire is used.
  • Fixed Knot: Cross lock knot – Knotted Fence keeps the fence rigid for longer.
  • Impact Resistance: Tension crimps in the horizontal wires allow expansion in hot summers and contraction in cold winters. The crimps help create a spring action, so that the Knotted Fence regains its shape after impact.
  • Flexibility: Variable vertical gaps – small gaps at bottom, large gaps at top.


  • High tensile wire that allows 20 feet gap between poles and minimizing the use of poles.
  • Requires less labour with faster installation process.
  • Protects the farm but does not harm the animal.
  • Low maintenance required with longer rigidity and does not sag with time.
  • Lighter. Variable vertical gap. Smaller gap at bottom, more gap at top.
  • Cost saving.

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