India is the fifth-largest auto market in the world which comprises the passenger and commercial vehicles categories. The two-wheelers segment dominates the market in terms of volume owing to a burgeoning middle class and an increasingly young population. India is also a prominent auto exporter and has strong export growth expectations for the coming years. Tata Wiron is happy to help steer the automotive industry of India towards a flourishing future.

India moves on Tata Wiron

1 out of 3

Tyres manufactured in India use Tata Wiron Bead Wire

1 out of 2

Two-wheelers in India run on suspension wires made by Tata Wiron

Every leading

Cruiser bike manufacturer in India use Tata Wiron spring wires

Cruising towards a stronger tomorrow

Tata Wiron supplies MTB, Spring and Spoke wire to the automotive industry.

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    Spring Wire

    Tata Wiron is the country's largest Carbon Spring Wire manufacturer with the best quality integrated steel. We are the pioneers in establishing Spring Wires as per IS standards in India and can supply as per IS 4454. Tata Steel - Global Wires India is one of the first steel wire companies in India to receive the prestigious TS 16949.


  • In-built quality checks at all stages of production from steel-making to hot rolling and wire drawing.
  • Carefully designed drawing process to ensure optimum properties.
  • Uniform coil weight.
  • Full traceability of coils.
  • Rigorous testing for size, breaking load, tensile strength, bends, torsion and any other customer specific requirements.
  • Each shipment is accompanied by a certified Mill Test Certificate.
  • Spring wire which is best suited for advanced CNC machines for coiling springs.
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    MTB Wire

    Tata Steel – Global Wires India is the country’s largest manufacturer of MTB Wire. We manufacture and supply the entire range of high quality bronze-coated Tyre Bead Wires. Our products’ sizes range from 0.78 mm to 2.00 mm, for both normal tensile as well as high tensile strength range. We supply Tyre Bead Wires both in returnable spools as well as in pallet form, across India and the globe.

    The main function of MTB Wire is to act as reinforcement. It also helps to get a proper grip of the tyre on the rim. It is virtually used for all types of pneumatic tyres such as trucks, buses, passenger cars, jeeps, OTR equipment, farm equipment, motor cycles, scooters and cycle tyres. The type of tyre and structure of bead rings used help determine the size of bead wire to be selected.


  • Combination of breaking strength and elongation.
  • Consistency in physical properties across length.
  • Uniform coating with excellent rubber adhesion properties.
  • Supply on ready-to-use spools.
  • Spools placed in cages for ease of handling and storage.
  • Variable pitch winding for trouble-free unwinding during bead making process.
  • Multi-layer packaging for corrosion protection during storage and transportation.
  • Technical support from our product application group engineers.

    Switchover from pallet form to spool form.

    Bead processing technical support.

    Bead region design-weftless-rectangular, single wire-hexagonal, etc.

  • Bespoke development of bead wire grades and sizes.
  • Quality Assurance:

    Process Control: Statistical techniques are used for process control of key parameters.

    Acceptability: Conforms to customer specification or Tata Wiron standard.

    Quantity Report: Each shipment is accompanied by a Mill Test certificate. Short length samples are submitted along with the consignment, as per customer requirements, for ready testing before unpacking.

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    Spoke Wire

    Tata Steel-Global Wires India is one of the leading manufacturers of Spoke Wires in India catering to nearly 50% of market requirements. It is also exported to cycle wheel manufacturers around the world. For all the cruiser bikes manufacturers in India, GWI is the most preferred source for spoke wires.

    The product range includes HC Drawn Cycle Spoke Wire, mostly used in two-wheeler automobiles and bicycles.


  • Stringent quality checks are carried out at every stage of production.
  • 100% testing of the finished product is assured.
  • Product Application Team support for any assistance needed.

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