General Engineering


We also manufacture products which do not pertain to any specific sector but find applications in the general engineering segment. The segment includes manufacturing by small to medium scale manufacturers and applications range from shop shutters to nails to upholstery to fine wire meshes.


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Spring Mattresses made in India use Spring Wire by Tata Wiron

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Products in our portfolio

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    Non – Automotive Spring Wire

    Spring wire has applications other than the automotive industry, like wire forms, rolling shutter wire springs, upholstery/bedding springs for the mattress industry, crimping wire for construction and mining screens.

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    HB Wire

    Used in manufacturing nails, panel pins, fan guards etc

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    GI Wire for redrawing

    Redrawing wire offers excellent tensile strength and flexibility and is used widely in weaving of galvanized wire mesh or processing of different wire products.

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