We create value for the construction and infrastructure industry while supporting sustainable development. We understand that the prerequisite for economic and social development in any region is the availability of adequate infrastructure facilities. We undertake necessary measures to ensure all conveniences at all company managed locations and in the lives of extended communities by enabling access to civic amenities benchmarked against the best international standards.

We have helped build many structures of strategic, economic and historic importance globally and nationally. Structures that are a sign of sure progress and a step towards stronger tomorrow.

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Building a stronger tomorrow

  • All the concrete windmills installed in India are built with our LRPC strands
  • All the LNG tanks in India are built with our PC strands
  • We have supplied material to all the elevated metros and monorails built in India
  • All the domes of Nuclear power plants in India are build with our PC strands
  • We are the only PC strand manufacturer in India who have approval for supplying PC stands for cryogenic storage tanks.

We are the sole supplier of PC Strands to Bandra Worli Sea Link!


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    Bare PC Strands

    Pre-stressed steel strand, when stressed and embedded in concrete, loses the applied stress exponentially as time passes. The loss of stress is one of the important factors in the design of pre-stressed concrete structures. TATA Wiron PC Strands are treated by the stabilisation process, which is the most widely accepted method throughout the world.


  • Brings down the amount of steel required by 10%.
  • Reduces project cost by decreasing the number of anchorages, sheathings, wedges and labour.
  • Lowers the concrete requirement due to reduced size of structural members.
  • Eliminates the necessity of extra post straightening treatment with thermo-mechanical processing.
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    PE Coated PC Strands

    We have established a manufacturing facility capable of producing wax filled & extruded PE coated PC Strands for cable stay bridge application and also Unbonded grease filled PE coated PC Strands for PT slabs in the building segment. The use of PE coated low relaxation PC strands is well established in developed countries. However, it’s use in India was restricted till today due to non-availability of strands. These products are manufactured to comply with the requirements of the (American) Post Tensioning Institute – PTI, using Bare Strand manufactured using high quality steel with state-of-art drawing & stranding facilities.

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    3*3 PC Wires

    3 mm X 3 Ply (3X3) PC Strands are used in prestressing of concrete railway sleepers. "Sleeper" is an essential and vital component of railway track. Every year, railways need about 8 to 10 million new sleepers. Wires are stranded to achieve perfect length and mechanical properties - tensile strength, proof stress, elongation and relaxation. This replaces the earlier practice of using wooden sleepers and thus saves many trees annually.


  • In-built quality checks in all stages of production - steel making, rolling and wire drawing.
  • Consistency in properties.
  • Narrow tolerances.
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    Binding Wires

    Tata Steel-Global Wires India’s products carry quality assurance that is superior and absolutely reliable. Tata Wiron Binding Wires is one from our range of highly dependent products. Binding wires cater to the varied needs of discerning customers who believe only in the best.


  • Consistent diameter
  • Unmatched ductility and strength
  • Hallmark of Tata quality
  • Softness: Easy to use
  • Unique & secure packaging with ease of handling
  • Higher length per kg, thus can tie more joints
  • Quicker tying, saves time

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