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We believe that through our CSR activities we can create a sustainable impact on the verticals of society that we operate in.

Regional Samvaad (West India)

Samvaad, a 4-day conclave that celebrates the tribal community, commemorates the birth anniversary of iconic tribal leader Birsa Munda, as well as the Foundation Day of the State of Jharkhand. This first-of-its-kind festival, organised by Tata Steel, Samvaad is held at Jamshedpur. This year’s conclave, the theme of which is “Youth Leadership among Tribal Communities”, will showcase the heritage and culture of tribes from across India and, for the first time, around the world. Aimed at sharing tribal wisdom and dispelling prejudices, the Samvaad Conclave aims to bring together tribes and their collective wisdom under one roof.

The objective is to stimulate the exchange and cross-pollination of ideas and to document and preserve a body of knowledge that runs the risk of being obliterated. The conclave also focuses on understanding the issues of tribal communities and sensitising non-tribal communities, thereby creating empathy and removing prejudices.

This year, the festivities of Samvaad unfolded with three regional rounds at Vadodara (Bhasha Trust), Mysore (Viveka Tribal Centre for Learning, Hosahalli) and Shillong (North-Eastern Hill University). At each location, various tribal healers shared healing practices and herbal remedies - some of which have been followed since the dawn of human civilisation.

Tata Steel organised its second regional 'Samvaad' in 2017, at Netrang, Gujarat, which witnessed 128 participants from 25 tribal communities in the West Zone. Tribal Youth & Leadership for Future witnessed participation from participants from various tribal communities attending discussions on community empowerment, basic amenities, livelihood, education, health, etc, serving as an ideal platform for the tribal population to present their views and exchange ideas.
Tata Steel – Jamshedpur CSR team arranged Handicrafts Workshop on the topic of Innovation and e-marketing of handicrafts products. A few of the tribal participants shared their inspiring and personal stories with the audience, leaving them motivated and charged.

The convergence of stories, experiences, ideas, thoughts, anger, love, culture and art, Samvaad is a tribal conclave with a lot of fun and celebration on a single platform.

Alcohol Addiction Awareness Session

CSR Council and HRM in association with 'Brahma Kumari' (Om Shanti) Pasthal organised ‘Alcohol Addiction Awareness Session’ at a few backward villages, covering more than a thousand people in the session.

Women Hygiene and Sanitation Session

Our CSR team organised an awareness session on the topic of ‘Women Hygiene and Sanitation’ for ST Residential Girls Hostel and Ashram Schools. A gynaecologist interacted with girls and shared knowledge about sanitation, benefitting more than a hundred students from the program.

Training Programme on Self-defence

A training session on Self Defence for students of ST Residential Girls Hostel, Ashram Schools and NSS Girls was organised by our team at two locations.

Awareness on Road & Rail Safety, Child Abuse and Environment

Awareness sessions on Road & Rail Safety, Child Abuse and Environment were organised by our team for the students of Tarapur Vidya Mandir School. Through these interactive sessions, we were able to share the importance of safety in life.

Cleanliness Drive

Under Swachh Bharat Mission, a beach cleaning drive was conducted at Zillha Parishad, Palghar District in association with the local school, college and police officers at Chinchani where many enthusiastic volunteers participated.

Swachhata Hi Seva

Our CSR team and HRM organised awareness sessions on cleanness and hygiene for ST students of Gargaon, also a drawing competition on the topic and distributed prizes to the winners. Educational accessories and snacks were also distributed to encourage participation.

Teachers Day Celebration

Tata Wire (WD), CSR Council and Tis Wish celebrated Teachers’ Day at all seven identified Z P Schools at Gram Panchayat Gargaon. During the programme, teachers were felicitated and the importance of teaching and education was discussed.

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