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Tomorrow isn’t built in a day

The trust in our quality and capabilities has come from years of ensuring stringent quality control in our materials & processes, and by ensuring that we stick to the TATA values of customer satisfaction above all


We are one of the largest steel wire manufacturers in the world.

0.42 million

Tonnes per annum combined annual manufacturing capacity


People's team


Industrial facilities in Tarapur, Jamshedpur and Pithampur.



The Prestigious Rising Brands of Asia 2020 award by Herald Global – ERTC Media

The Most Admired Brand of the Year award in the 9th edition of ACEF Asian

The Best Brand Marketing campaign of the year award for its brand awareness efforts in 7th edition of National Awards For Excellence in Digital Marketing by CMO Asia

The Best Social Media Marketing campaign of the year award for its social media engagement efforts in 7th edition of National Awards For Excellence in Digital Marketing by CMO Asia


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The Brand Excellence Award for Rural Marketing at 9th edition of Brand Excellence Awards by ABP News in Mumbai

Retailer of the Year and Most admired brand by the Customers – at Future of Retails award held in Mumbai


Most Promising Brand by The Economic Times COMS awarded

Flame Leadership Award by Rural Marketing Association of India

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Shining Examples

Some of our tall & shining examples, that stand as testament to our mission of consistent and purposeful innovations to build a stronger tomorrow

If they want change, we change

Our commitment to quality is exceptional, and to ensure the same, we were earlier manufacturing wire products based on international standards, and our machines were calibrated to the same. Beginning of last year, we started sensing a different kind of demand in our market.

The international standards generally prescribe thicker sizes of barbed wire and chain-link (size range of 2-2.5mm and 3-4mm respectively). Also the barbed wire manufactured by us had barbs which were closely spaced. There seemed to be an anecdotal disconnect between what we produced and what the customers wanted in terms of their preference of wire thickness and spacing of barbs. So we conducted FGDs to confirm the same.

Upon corroboration of our findings, we ordered new machines and calibrated the existing ones to manufacture thinner sizes of Chain-link. We also changed the distance between barbs to 4 inches which was the requirement of customers.

Evolving to solve

Wiron Ayush is a perfect example of purposeful innovation & resilience by our team who toiled for three years to bring it to the market. It’s a technologically superior product and is a sub-brand of Tata Wiron. This groundbreaking product is also industry first globally, and is now a patented technology available with us. Aayush, which means long life in Sanskrit, has twice the life of regular galvanized wires.

Wiron Aayush is sealed in a transparent coating of Tashiel-1000 which prevents corrosive chemicals from reaching the metal surface and its blue tinge helps customers in identifying it easily. We sell Aayush coated wire and wire products in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala. The Aayush coating helps prevent corrosion caused by the pervasive humid climate in these states.

Dreams move with us

Tata Wiron has supplied LRPC strands to about 70% of the metro projects in India. Metros in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Calcutta, Jaipur, Nagpur, etc, which are major contributors to daily commute today, stand strong on our LRPC.

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) - for instance, is the largest network of metro as of now in India. They constructed a massive network of 348 KMs with 285 stations in record time. This network thrives beyond the boundaries of Delhi to reach NOIDA and Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, also Gurgaon and Faridabad in Haryana.

It today stands out as a prime example of how a project can be completed in scheduled time and within cost allocated by the Government. We are glad to have been partners to DMRC during the course of this unparalleled feat, and were chosen to be so, because of our reliability in quality, timely supplies and the right price.

Wings to the dream city

We have supplied LRPC to all the flyovers that were constructed in Mumbai since 2001.

The turn of the century was a time for rapid infrastructure growth in Mumbai. Many projects of strategic importance to the city and the country were being planned here and we were keen to contribute to this growth story. The enquiries for LRPC material were more than what we could supply. Yet we managed to supply 70% of the total LRPC strands. Timely approvals, deliveries and self-certified products were some points that differentiated us from the rest and made the authorities choose us time and again.

Flying over the sea

The Bandra Worli sea link is a first of its kind bridge to be constructed in open sea conditions in India. We supplied ~ 4500 MT of LRPC strands to this project. It was particularly incredible as the timeline of the construction coincided with the time of shifting our plant from Borivali to Tarapur.

One of a kind, in the wild

Rajgir Zoo Safari in Bihar was an exciting prospect for us to take on. It was both prestigious and highly critical. Prestigious because it was one of a kind Wildlife Safari Project, and critical since it involved unusual and novel chain-link sizes of height 14.5 feet, considering it was an enclosure of highly mobile animals like Leopards, Tigers, Lions etc.

We started discussing with concerned authorities in November 2018 and identified the two primary problems in the execution of the project.

  • Production and Installation of 14.5 feet chain-link.

    The team collaborated to arrive at a consensus that the ideal production strategy would be of two different mesh sizes of 9ft 5 inch and 5 ft chain-links - which can be produced in our machines at ISWP and Tarapur.

    Installation was handled by one of our vendor partners, who we work with regularly, and who with their experience solved the installation problem.

  • Scheduling and Delivery

    We ensured timely dispatch of finished material to Rajgir since it was to be inspected by then CM in December, who would finally pass the project.

    We successfully passed the inspection and QA test by DFO department and the CM , who gave the green signal for expedited installation and with a coherent and coordinated effort by all teams, we were able to supply complete material by March 2020.

    Our diligent approach was much appreciated and this has opened new doors as we have started getting orders from other DFOs in Bihar and hopefully across India, in future.


All our units of operation adhere to strict quality parameters and are ISO and IATF certified. Our dedicated team of technicians, engineers and other personnel across ensure stringent quality parameters in products and processes through a committed system of evaluation and control.

Tata Steel Ltd Global Wires India ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 Certification

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Tata Steel Pithampur Wire Plant IS-6006

Tata Steel Pithampur Wire Plant IS-14268

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